Bhutan Cultural Tours

Bhutan is known for many pilgrimage sites where many Buddhist saints since the 7th century built the temples. Dzongs or fortresses are the monuments built in the 17th century by the Great Architect, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. He was the Tibetan saint who came to Bhutan in 1616AD and unified the country, where internal disputes were going on.
The cultural tours include visiting the Buddhist temples and monasteries. Most of the monuments were built between 7th and 17th century with historical background. Every tour has hiking to the pilgrimage sites, as the monuments were built on hilltops, sometimes without road access. The most important iconic structure in Bhutan is Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest, perched on a rocky cliff above the Paro valley. The hike to Tiger’s Nest takes about 5 hours (both ways), where one would forget the tiring walk at the top and feel the real paradise on the earth. Tiger’s Nest is the Never to Be Missed place on the earth.

Tour Packages

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3 Nights/4 Days

$750 The four day visit to Bhutan shows the western part of the country ...

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4 Nights/5 Days

$1000 Western region of the country is more developed with more choices in any terms...

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5 Nights/6 Days

$1250 Western part of Bhutan is the prominent region for every tourist to experience ...

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6 Nights/7 Days

$1500 Bhutan is also known as happiness kingdom in the eastern Himalayas between China and ...

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7 Nights/8 Days

$1750 Black Necked Crane is a migrant bird in Bhutan, flying from Tibetan Plateau to...

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8 Nights/9 Days

$2000 The tour takes you to the central from western Bhutan across the high mountains...

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9 Nights/10 Days

$2250 The ten days tour is the most interesting with lot of historical background...

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12 Nights/13 Days

$3000 The tour starting from western to central and back to western Bhutan to Haa...

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13 Nights/14 Days

$3250 Bhutan is known for pristine environment and cultural heritage; hence...