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Druk Forever tours and trek is launched in 2016 by Mrs. Namgay Bidha famously known for her business in tourism sector. She has been running tourist standard hotels for the last 15 years and has been successfully running the hotel till date. With her keen interest in dealing with the foreigners she finally decided to open a tour agent where she will act as a companion in the land of thunder dragon.

We are here to provide you comfortable, exciting, and indeed most memorable and breath taking visit to this Gross National Happiness country.Readmore

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About the proprietor
Born in 1962 in Wangdue, Ugyen Dorji is a master artiest who has undertaken many embroidery and painting projects for the government,monastic...
Menchuna Restaurant
The restaurant is located on the way to Punakha about 60kms and 90minutes drive east of capital,Thimphu. It was constructed in the year 2015 ..
Art and Craft Showroom
The art and craft showroom is integral part of the restaurant. The showroom offers you a wide variety of Bhutanese products..
Special Request Services:
A Thongdrel (alt. throngdrel) is a large ..

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